TIIEC Pump is capable of manufacturing 12 series more than 140 sizes horizontal and vertical slurry pumps in metal & rubber. Up to now, we are the only one slurry pump manufacturer in China owning the metal slurry pumps production line and the rubber slurry pumps production line at the same time. With decades of experience in castings and assiduous development in rubber materials, TIIEC Pump has been the stable OEM mining products supplier for many famous company in the world.TIIEC Foundry & Heat Treatment: With the resin and green sand lines, electrical furnaces and computer controlled heat treatment we can produce the castings in high chrome white iron, gray iron and ductile iron at max wt: 5000kgs. The heat treat component max dia is 2.5m and our castings’ output is 250tons monthly, 300 pumps monthly.

TIIEC Machining
수평 및 수직 터닝 선반, 보어, 밀, 그라인더 및 훈련, 우리는 250 만 직경과 부품을 완료 할 수 있습니다.
TIIEC Assembly
경험 조립 근로자, 전문 조립 공구, 10 톤 크레인, 우리는 우리의 상점에서 펌프 어셈블리의 모든 종류를 처리 할 수 있습니다.
TIIEC Fabrication
경험 조립 근로자, 전문 조립 공구, 10 톤 크레인, 우리는 우리의 상점에서 펌프 어셈블리의 모든 종류를 처리 할 수 있습니다.
연구실에서 분광계, 인장 시험기, 현미경, 경도 시험기와 함께 .... 우리는 자격을 갖춘 우리의 주물 확인하기 위해 화학 조성, 인장 강도, 경도, 미세 ...에서 실험을한다.


With the measuring, calibration tools and UT… The TIIEC QC dept keep the product quality control at the international executor and the customer required executor.
TIIEC Sales and Marketing: With the efforts of everyone in TIIEC Pump, we have built cooperation with the partners in more than 40 countries. The most important is that we have set our branch companies in Australia, South Africa and Peru to offer the better support to local partners.
TIIEC Pump R&D team is made up of many engineers with over decades’ years of experience in pump and fluid industries. We have the ability to deal with pump design and improving, new material research and pump system design and testing…

TIIEC Performance Testing
With PMS Auto testing system which fits Window XP and above computer system. The performance test capacity is up to 3000 m³/h, pressure to 4 MPa, power to 355 Kw (Max voltage could be 6600V).

기타 자격증

ISO14001-2015 영어-C4
ISO9001-2015 영어-C1