ATLAS will sponsor a batch of sportswear to local schools

Good news! Our South African branch - ATLAS EQUIPMENT S.A successfully sponsored a batch of sportswear for school for children of mine employees in  Johannesburg. ATLAS is very pleased to be able to assist the local education and sports cause. At the same time, ATLAS is also very grateful to the local schools and cricket team players for their recognition of our company and brand!
Over the years, ATLAS has been actively committed to integrating into the local market and cultural environment and has finally achieved many positive and beneficial results. In order to adapt to the local mining environment, we have been continuously improving the design and development of our products. The sales of our products in the South African market are also growing steadily year by year. In addition, our brand reputation is also recognized by the local people.
We always adhere to the spirit of excellence and hope to provide better products for local mines. At the same time, actively participating in public welfare undertakings is also an important part of our corporate development.微信图片_202209141735174 微信图片_202209141735173 微信图片_202209141735172 微信图片_20220914173517 微信图片_202209141735171

Post time: Sep-14-2022
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