Technological innovation! TIIEC innovative research and development – throat bush adjustable device

throat bush adjustment device

As a key equipment, the life of the slurry pump is very important. Spare parts are expensive. The cycle of maintenance will also have an impact on the whole process. Therefore, the service life of the flow-passing parts of the slurry pump is usually taken as the most important indicator to measure this equipment. In the whole wetted parts, the damage of the throat bush is the fastest, so improving its life becomes the primary issue.

The main content of this scheme: when the throat bush is worn for a long time, in order to ensure the pressure in the pump chamber, the throat bush is axially fed through the drive assembly. Restore the design clearance between the throat bush and the pump wheel, thereby restoring the head of the slurry pump.

The adjustable front plate technology is mainly used in working conditions with severe wear and tear. This technology is mostly used in mill underflow pumps and tailings pumps.


The specific functions are as follows:

1) There are manual and automatic modes for the movement of the throat bush;

2) During the feeding process, the equipment will independently judge the contact between the throat bush and the pump wheel;

3) It has the function of automatic reminder that the gap exceeds the threshold;

4) It has the function of synchronous feed displacement on both sides;

5) Possess self-locking function of driving components;

6) It has a friendly operation interface for commissioning personnel to set relevant parameters and observe the status in real-time.

The project and key technologies: throat bush adjustment structure and servo drive mechanism; throat bush adjustment servo control system.


Post time: Aug-16-2023
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