Throatbush adjustable structure-new product training meeting successfully concluded!


New structure of slurry pump developed by our company: throatbush adjustable structure

Training of front plate adjustable structure

At the training meeting held at the company headquarters, the technicians introduced in detail the design and advantages of the new slurry pump throat bush adjustable structure. The training meeting attracted many sales staff to participate, aiming to enhance their understanding of the new product so as to better promote it to customers.

Structure introduction and operation demonstration

The technicians first gave an in-depth explanation of the design principle of the throat bush adjustable structure. They showed how the structure optimizes the performance of the pump by adjusting the distance between the throatbush and the impeller. Subsequently, the technicians conducted a full operation demonstration, showing how to make adjustments during the operation of the pump and the performance changes after the adjustment.

Question answering and information provision

During the interactive session, the sales staff actively raised many questions, and the technicians patiently answered them to ensure that everyone could deeply understand the functions and advantages of the new structure. Finally, the technicians provided the sales staff with detailed technical information and operation manuals to help them better introduce this innovative product to customers in future sales work.

This training not only improved the sales team's professional knowledge, but also strengthened their confidence, enabling them to more effectively promote the new slurry pump and meet customer needs.

In modern industry, slurry pumps are key equipment for conveying high-concentration solid particles and are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries. In order to improve the performance and service life of slurry pumps, our company's R&D team has launched a new slurry pump with an throatbush structure.

Advantages of the new structure

This new slurry pump adopts an innovative adjustable throatbush structure, which gives it significant advantages in operating efficiency and maintenance convenience. The core feature of the adjustable throatbush structure is that the distance between the throatbush and the impeller can be flexibly adjusted according to actual work needs. This design breaks through the limitations of the fixed structure of traditional slurry pumps and effectively solves problems such as rapid wear of the pump body and difficult maintenance.

Adjust the distance to achieve optimal performance

By adjusting the distance between the throatbush and the impeller, the slurry pump can always maintain the best performance under different working conditions. Adjusting the distance can effectively control the flow and pressure of the pump, so that it can reduce energy consumption and improve work efficiency while efficiently conveying slurry. This function is especially important for users who need to adjust the working conditions frequently.

Adjustment can be made while the pump is running

The adjustable throatbush structure of the new slurry pump allows adjustment during pump operation, which means that the adjustment operation can be completed without stopping the machine. Users can make real-time adjustments based on on-site conditions to ensure that the pump always operates in the best condition. This feature not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces time and economic losses caused by downtime adjustments.

In short, the new slurry pump with an adjustable throatbush structure excels in performance optimization, ease of operation and maintenance efficiency, providing users with a more reliable and efficient solution. We believe that this innovative design will bring revolutionary changes to the slurry pump industry.

Post time: May-31-2024
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