TIIEC went to Sierra Leone to discuss cooperation matters

1. Participate in the main completion ceremony of the 12 million-ton concentrator project
TIIEC was honored to be invited to participate in the main completion ceremony of the 12 million-ton concentrator project of Sierra Leone Metal Group. At the ceremony, we witnessed the outstanding achievements of the project team. We had the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with the key persons in charge of the project and learned in detail about the operating details, technical highlights, and future expansion plans of the concentrator. This not only deepened our understanding of the project but also provided valuable first-hand information for our future cooperation.

TIIEC Cooperation2
2. Investigate the investment environment in Sierra Leone and the situation of Logistics Park
During the inspection in Sierra Leone, we focused on understanding the overall investment environment of the local area. We conducted a detailed inspection of the Logistics Park. We preliminarily determined the location and area of ​​the storage and office to be used and learned in detail about the supporting facilities of the park, including power supply, communication network, security, and other aspects. This information has laid a solid foundation for our future investment plans and made us full of confidence in expanding our business in Sierra Leone.
3. On-site inspection of the concentrator
During the on-site inspection of the concentrator, we had in-depth exchanges with the equipment users and inspected the operation of the equipment in detail. The concentrator is equipped with the most advanced mineral processing equipment and technology, and the on-site engineers and technicians explained the operation and maintenance of the equipment in detail. Through actual observation and data analysis, we learned about the performance of the equipment in actual use and the problems that exist.
Through dialogue with on-site engineers and technicians, we found some potential room for improvement in the operation of the equipment. In response to the problems found, we proposed a preliminary technical improvement plan and reached an agreement with the equipment user, promising to provide more comprehensive technical support and services in subsequent cooperation. We plan to continue to optimize equipment performance, improve production efficiency, and ensure the stable operation of the concentrator in future cooperation.
We discussed with the management of the concentrator the possibility of further improving the level of environmental protection and safety management and put forward specific improvement suggestions, such as adding online monitoring equipment and improving safety training courses. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to the environmental protection and safety status of the concentrator and strive to achieve green production and safe production.

TIIEC Cooperation1
The inspection achieved the expected results and further strengthened the cooperative relationship with the Sierra Leone Metal Group. Through an in-depth understanding of Sierra Leone's investment environment and Sierra Leone Logistics Park, we are full of confidence in future investment and cooperation. At the same time, through on-site communication, we have clarified the direction of equipment improvement and laid the foundation for subsequent technical support work.

Post time: Jun-19-2024
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