What is the specific maintenance method of the slurry pump?

1. Keep the slurry pump clean, dry, free of grease and leaks.

2. Frequently check whether the pump is running abnormally, vibrating and leaking, and deal with any problems in time.

3. Avoid slurry pump shaft seal leakage. The tightness of the packing should be adjusted at any time to meet the bearing water pressure and water volume according to the regulations.

4. Replace the slurry pump shaft sleeve in time. When replacing bearings, make sure they are dust-free and clean.

5. Ensure that the temperature is appropriate during normal operation. When the pump is running normally, the temperature of the bearing should be lower than 60-65℃.

6. Ensure that the elastic pad in the slurry pump coupling is installed correctly and completely; ensure the coaxiality of the pump and the motor.

7. Ensure that the installation of the slurry pump components and piping system is correct and firm.

8. It is strictly forbidden to run the pump in the evacuated state, because the pump not only vibrates violently in the evacuated state, but also seriously affects the life of the pump, so special attention must be paid.

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