Application industry of slurry pump

Slurry pumps are widely used in mines, thermal power plants, metal smelting, coal washing plants, environmental protection, and other industries. It is used to transport some slurries containing abrasive solid particles. For example, in the process of conveying ore pulp in metallurgical beneficiation, ash removal of thermal power plant slag, coal slurry and heavy medium transportation in coal washing plants, dredging river dredging, etc. In the chemical industry, it is also possible to transport some corrosive slurries containing crystalline objects.
First of all, in the mineral processing plant, about 80% of the applications are in the mineral processing of the mining industry. Due to the harsh working conditions in the ore primary separation process, the service life of the slurry pump is generally low in this section. Of course, the ore is different, and the abrasiveness will be different. If the relative abrasiveness is reduced in the process of concentrate transportation, etc., the overall service life of the pump will be longer.
At present, the power plants in our country are mainly thermal power plants and hydropower plants. However, in the process of generating electricity in thermal power plants, a large amount of coal will be used to generate electricity. The slag or ash after coal combustion needs to be removed, so the slurry pump is also used in this ash removal process. The slag will be mixed with a certain amount of water, and then transported to the place where the ash is piled up by the slurry pump, so sometimes slurry pump is also called the ash pump in the power plant.
In seawater sand selection, the application of slurry pumps has gradually been recognized by customers. Generally, sand is selected in seawater or sand is dredged in rivers. Slurry pumps are also called sand pumps or dredging pumps. However, although the names are different, they can all be called slurry pumps in terms of structural characteristics and pump performance principles.
Slurry pumps may cause some misunderstandings to some non-industry people due to the limitation of their name itself. In fact, mud pumps, impurity pumps, dredging pumps, dredging pumps, etc. are also within the scope of application of slurry pumps. In the application process of the slurry pump, we must also pay attention to the reasonable design, correct calculation, and appropriate selection of the slurry pump.

Post time: Mar-31-2023
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