What I need to know about slurry pumps?

(1) The slurry pump spare parts wear

The slurry pumps’ wear parts can hole in days because of the corrosive and abrasive slurry. Especially when you choose the wrong material slurry pumps and slurry pump replacements for your particular conditions. Another important reason is that you buy the unqualified pumps and parts by the cheapest price.

Atlas Pump owns the regular foundry shop and rubber shops with labs and QC team. We produce and develop different material pumps and parts by customer required.

Hard metals like white iron alloys, which have patent protections by adjusting the content of high chromium alloy. They are usually used for hard metal minerals processing with hard and sharp particles.

Rubbers and polyurethanes are used for handling fine particles with chemical resistance and reduced wear.

Ceramics offer more advantages for the most corrosive and abrasive working conditions.

The slurry pump sealing type

You must consider properly when you choose a pump sealing type. Packing seal is the cheapest but most effective sealing method. However, the clean gland sealing water is needed for that sealing type. One alternative choice is the expeller seal, there is no gland water need in that case.Another option is the mechanical seal, it may be more expensive than the pump itself.

The slurry pump performance

We supply the performance curves for each of our pump for the customer to select the best type. Atlas Pump also supply the pump selecting service ourselves.

The pump pipe friction losses

The pump pipe friction increase when pumping slurry compared clear water. Atlas Pump will take it within the consideration when selecting pumps for the customer.Other problems, please contact Atlas Pump.

* Where are you located?

Atlas Pump manufacturing facilities in 3 locations in China, and 4 Branch company in other countries.

You could contact China company directly or you also could contact location staff if your country have our branch company. Contact details can be found HERE

Facilities and Branches Location
China facility Shijiazhuang, Hebei
China facility Tieling
China facility Benxi, Liaoning
South Africa Branch Johannesburg
Australia  Branch Perth
Peru Branch Lima
Chile Branch Santiago

* What is the availability of parts?

We have comprehensive inventory of replacement and maintenance parts ranging from wear parts, housings, seals ,bearings to bearing assembly .  We stock most parts for our more common model sizes and configurations.  Specialized materials and less common parts are available on a per order basis.

What is your capacity?

  • 500 tons castings per month
  • Max castings wts is up to 11000lbs
  • Max machinign diameter is around 16.5 feet
  • Five axis high precision machining center

What kind of material do you specializing in?

  • High chrome white iron
  • Grey&Ductile iron
  • High manganese steel

Possible Faults and Removal/Solution

Faults Reason Removal /Solution
Pump fails todischarges any liquid Air leaking into suction or gland.Incorrect direction of pump rotation & impeller worn.Suction pipe blocked. Sealed leakage.Check direction of rotation and replacing impellerRemoval block.
Shaft power consumption is excessive. Gland excessively tightened against packing rings.Rotating component rubbing on a stationary part.Bearing warn.Drive a belt tension too tight.Flow rate too large.Pump speed &  ratio  too high .Misalignment or unparallel of drive shaft and pumps shaft Loosen gland bolts.Removal the rubbed part.Replace the bearing.Adjusting belt.Modifying the Pump duty and speed.adjusting drive & pump shaft
Bearing is over heating. Lubricants too much or less.Containing impurities in the lubricant.Bearing worn. Lubricating as requirements.Replace new lubricant.Replace new bearing.
Bearing hasshort life Misalignment or unparallel of drive and pump shaft.Shaft bent.Impeller unbalanced due to wear.Foreign object entered into the bearing or insufficient lubrication.Incorrect Procedure followed in fitting bearings. Adjusting drive and pump shaft.Replacing shaft.Remove rubbing and replacing new impeller.Clean the bearing.Replacing or refitting the bearing.
Excessive leakage from stuffing box Packing rings excessive worn.Shaft sleeve worn.Dirty sealing water. Replace new packing rings.Replace shaft sleeve.Change clean sealing water
Pump vibratesor is noisy. Bearing worn.Impeller unbalanced.Air entered into suction pipe or blocked.Flow rate non-uniform and pump not primed. Replaced by new bearings.Replaced by new impeller.Discharge air and remove block.Improve on the Pump feeding.

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