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    Manufacturing facilities based in China including Foundry shop and Rubber shop.

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    Superior performance

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    Customer service 7*24h Service (Reply within 3-6h)

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    Safety is always our number 1 priority

    About us

    HEBEI TIIEC MACHINERY CO., LTD (hereafter called “TIIEC”) was founded in 1998. It is a leading mining equipment manufacturing and service group in the mining and associated industries which possesses a complete R&D team, intellectual property rights for all its designs and products; and the brands TIIEC® and INDUX.®

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    Our Products

    Precision, Performance, and Reliability

    Up to now, we are the only one slurry pump manufacturer in China owning the metal slurry pumps production line and the rubber slurry pumps production line at the same time.Contact a Specialist

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    • Exciting News !!!! WE ARE HIRING

      Hebei TIIEC is looking for sales engineers to join our team in Australia and Peru. This ideal candidate will partner with Account Executives to find, contact, and follow-up with prospective clients. Once they discover the client's needs, they will discuss our product's technological capabilities and business value with the client. The ideal candidate should be able to clearly articulate highly technical concepts to all prospective clients.

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