Things to note when choosing a submersible slurry pump

1. Model selection

There are many types of submersible slurry pumps. Customers need to select slurry pumps according to the properties of the slurry.


2. Selection of shaft seal form

There are three main shaft sealing methods for slurry pumps: packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal and mechanical seal. Packing seal requires additional shaft seal water. Only with sufficient water pressure and water volume can the slurry leakage of the slurry pump be avoided. Because the packing seal requires a small amount of leakage, it is not suitable for transporting toxic, corrosive and precious liquids.

The auxiliary impeller seal is a rotating pump wheel that seals the leakage of slurry by pumping action. It is also called a hydrodynamic seal. In addition, it can also reduce axial force and can be used for slurry transportation in power plants, hydraulic power and other industries.

The mechanical seal is tight and reliable, and the leakage rate does not exceed 5 drops/min. It is mainly suitable for transporting flammable, explosive, toxic, highly corrosive and precious liquids or high-temperature, high-pressure, and extremely low-temperature materials.


3. Selection of materials for flow parts

There are many materials for the flow parts of slurry pumps, which can be selected according to the properties of the transported materials, such as particle composition, hardness, acid, alkali and other characteristics. For example, high-chromium white cast iron has high wear resistance, but its toughness is poor, so it is not suitable for high-speed erosion of large solid particles.

Wear-resistant high-chromium cast iron has good corrosion resistance, its hardness is as high as Brinell hardness 650-750, and is suitable for transporting materials with coarse particles and strong corrosion. However, the material is brittle and the price is high. Natural rubber is suitable for transporting weakly acidic, weakly alkaline and large abrasive slurries at a moderate speed.


4. Selection of functional parameters

After selecting the model of the slurry pump, you need to select the parameters, such as flow rate Q, head H, speed n, maximum efficiency η%, etc. When selecting a slurry pump, after the design flow rate and lift are known, the specific revolution number is first calculated based on the rotation speed of the prime mover, so as to initially determine the parameter model of the pump that can be used.

The above are several precautions that need to be considered when selecting a submersible slurry pump. Everyone must pay attention when selecting, otherwise buying an inappropriate product will not only reduce the service life of the slurry pump, but also affect the actual work.

Post time: Sep-07-2023
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