10/6 FFX-WGH Series Slurry Pump


Short Description:

  • Pump Range: 6”
  • Capacity to: 1500m³/h
  • Head to: 250m
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    The 10*6FFX-WGH slurry pump has the advantages of high lift and high efficiency. The bearing components use thin oil forced lubrication to lubricate and cool the bearings to improve the service life of the bearings.

    Pump Features

    Single stage, single suction, overhang shaft, centrifugal, single casing horizontal pump


    Wet Ends-Casing, Impeller, Plates are made of high-chrome alloy ,to resist wear, corrosion, impact or erosion.

    ■Bearing Assembly- Grease Lubrication and oil lubrication are optional depending on the usage.

    ■Seal options Gland Seal, expeller( centrifugal or dynamic) seal and mechanical seal are optional to fit different application.

    ■Parts design:

    Wet parts: wide internal passage allow large particle go through and reduce down time.

    Impeller: wide passage and recessed vanes help to lower internal velocity to extend wear life.

    Belt joint: Discharge could be any angle. Excellent NPSH performance.

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