8/6 FF-WXPH Series Slurry Pump


Short Description:

  • Pump Range: 6”
  • Capacity to: 800m³/h
  • Head to: 60m
  • Working Pressure: 6.89Mpa
  • Static Pressure: 10.4Mpa
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    8*6FF-WXPH is used for high-pressure double pump shell slurry pump used in multi-stage series. The pump has a strong pressure bearing capacity and the structure of the double pump shell is safe and stable.

    Pump Features

    Single-stage, single suction, overhang shaft, centrifugal, double casing horizontal pump.


    Casing-Made of ductile iron, ribs help the casing to stand high pressure.

    Wet End-impellers, liners, and volutes are made of high-chrome alloy or rubber or polyurethane, to resist wear, corrosion, erosion, or impact, parts made of metal or rubber are interchangeable.

    Shaft sleeve: Ceramic, tungsten carbide, or other hard materials are optional for coating, to increase wear resistance.

    ■Bearing Assembly- Grease Lubrication and oil lubrication are optional depending on the usage.

    ■Seal options- Gland Seal, expeller (centrifugal or dynamic) seal, and mechanical seal are optional to fit different application

    ■Parts design:

    Impeller-Multiple impeller types for diverse applications to get the best performance: High efficiency, High efficiency with lower NPSHr, a large particle, enhanced performance, flow reducer, and Recessed eyes are available.

    Liners- different types to match different impellers.

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