4RL-VCH Series Slurry Pump


Short Description:

  • Pump Range : 4”
  • Capacity to: 360m³/h
  • Head to: 50m
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    VCH is on the basis of a VC pump, improving the pump head and speed to meet the market demand for long-distance delivery. Pump type is 1.5PL-VCH.4RL-VCH.

    Pump Features

    VC(R)&VCH&VCS pumps are single-stage, single-suction, overhang shaft, centrifugal, single casing structure


    Wet Ends- Casings, Impellers, and liners are made of high-chrome alloy or rubber, to resist wear, corrosion, impact, or erosion, parts made of metal or rubber are interchangeable. For VCs, only metal materials are optional

    ■Seal options No shaft seal, free of shaft sealing problems.

    ■Bearing Assembly- Grease Lubrication, easy to maintain. Heavy-duty bearing assembly ensures the stability of the pump while slurries containing large size particles are delivered.

    ■Structure: No Impeller clearance adjustment is needed. Simplicity and appropriacy of construction; easy to maintain and operate.

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